Civi Cam

The camouflage for Desert started in 1960's
Desert patterns started across Northern Africa and the Middle East. As a variety of Sheep and Goat are hunted in desert regions there is a variety of patterns to meet the needs of these hunters. As well as those that live and play paint-ball in arid regions of North America.

SandStorm is an Omni-Directional digital 4 color Arid camo Arid Desert
Pattern Type Digital and Made By Hyde Definition
This is a tan and gray digital camouflage. It is for Arid areas. Desert
Pattern Type Digital and Made By ATACS
US developed 6-color desert was a High-Mountain Desert pattern developed in the late 1980's as a precaution over the Israel Wars in the 1970's. This pattern has been used by many militarys or had color changes to the pattern for other environments. Arid Desert
Pattern Type Blob
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