Civi Cam

The camouflage for duck hunter Multi-blob started in 1942
M1942 camouflage issued to the USMC in the Pacific durning the Second World War started the pattern that became known as Duck Hunter.

Deustchland (Germany) 5 color Flecktarn developed in the late 1970's with starting to issue in the 1980's Woodland
Pattern Type Blob dots
Itialian Military camouflage adapts to a variety of environments. This is a modern and effective pattern. Distributed by woodland
Pattern Type Blob Dot and Made By Defcon5
MultiCam is a 6 color universal multi terrain camouflage. It is known as OCP Operation Camouflage Pattern first issued for Afghanistan. Region Type: Universal
Pattern Type Blob and Made By Crye Precision
EVade Omni-Veil is TusX first pattern and a A multi-terrain multi-environment. It is a pure abstract design, essentially it is constructed from pantone & tonal colour flecks & blobs, overlayed with contrasting toned predator stripes. Coincident disruption refers to a camouflages ability to blend into its surroundings, when not literally trying to mimic them. As opposed to mimetic camouflage, Evade OmniVeil pattern does not employ photorealistic elements such as branches or leaves. Universal All Terrain
Pattern Type Fleck & Blob and Made By TusX
US developed 6-color desert was a High-Mountain Desert pattern developed in the late 1980's as a precaution over the Israel Wars in the 1970's. This pattern has been used by many militarys or had color changes to the pattern for other environments. Arid Desert
Pattern Type Blob
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