Civi Cam

The camouflage for Photo Real started in 1980's
Photo Real or Photo Realistic is the use of what was cutting edge printing technology to print continous photographic mixes of bushes and scenery onto fabric.

A variety of color palettes and shades combine to portray various textures that will blend into everything from midwest woodland to open plains, southern backwoods, western pines and mountain ranges. Lost Camo AT® strikes the perfect balance between high contrast textures, shadows and open spaces, all in a uniquely multi-directional orientation to create not only one of the most 3-dimentional patterns in the camo industry, but also one of the largest. Universal
Pattern Type Photo Real and Made By Lost Camo
This is actually 2 photo real prints of scenes common for hunting swampy areas Swamp
Pattern Type Photo Real and Made By Muddy Water
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